Friday, 26 October 2012

Ultimate car repair service

I owned a car workshop and it located at Johor Segamat Industrial Area. My car workshop provide car engine repair service, car engine swop, car engine swap and car body kit installation. If you are interested you can call me at +6-0187883700 any time even you can pay visit to my workshop.

Cefiro converted to Skyline R32 complete with painting

Modification progress of Toyota TE71 to pickup style

Datsun 140y with rear silvia s13 light and wide body kit

Car painting in progress

The 140y and the te71


  1. These are some beautiful restorations guys. I'm a huge fan of these conversions, I've seen a guy converting Toyota MR2s into Ferrari Enzos. It was difficult for even me to tell the difference, until I drove it! Incredible. I took it down to Kingshurst Smiths Wood and even they took a few minutes before they spotted the difference.

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